Superintendent's Message

Greetings from all of us here in the Andalusia City School System! We are pleased that you are taking the time to give us a glance and we hope that you'll want to know more about our city and schools. We take the task of educating our youth seriously and realize that how well we do our job is of vital importance not only in the lives of our students but also to the continued economic prosperity of our community.


Tradition permeates the walls of Andalusia City Schools. Expectations established by city officials, educators, and parents, both past and present, are interwoven into the fabric of our school system. The result is a community-wide commitment to excellence in education. That tradition and commitment to education, along with the value our community places on student learning, have forged a partnership that drives the Andalusia City School System.


We have made great strides in the past few years to continue our efforts to provide for quality education in the Andalusia City School System. We have corrected deficiencies on our campuses by constructing modern, state of the art buildings, designed with efficiency and student learning in mind. The P.E. facility, sixth-grade wing, and the new junior high buildings all promise to provide a comfortable, student-centered, teacher-friendly environment for years to come.  We have also recently renovated our stadium and auditorium making them comparable to any other system in the state. We’ve enhanced our learning environment by creating a one to one computer environment from kindergarten to 12th grade.  We have also made use of 3-D computer labs, which allow our students to do everything from welding to heart surgery. Our on-line web capacity has been upgraded twice to meet the demands that the digital world dictates. We have also made our campuses safer by installing digital cameras and electronically controlled access doors in our buildings. 


With all the upgrades we’ve made over the past few years, nothing excites me more than the teachers who teach and the students who illuminate the hallways with their smiles! You see, being a Bulldog means giving of yourself to help your fellow classmates whether by volunteering or just helping someone in need. The strength of Andalusia City Schools can be seen in the people who perform deeds and duties daily at our schools. So, whether you’re looking to go to college or prepare for a technical career, you’ve come to the right place! Give us a visit and see for yourself what being a Bulldog is all about!




Ted Watson